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Passenger Cars

Be it business or pleasure, we understand the drive to own the best. Fulfill your passion with cars from Land Rover and Jaguar. …

Commercial & Agricultural

Be it the urban or rural business, we understand your needs and we know how to fulfil them. We have the most sought after small commercial…

Automotive Services

Keeping your vehicle in good condition takes more than just good intentions. We provide the best technicians and mechanics to help maintain…

Two Wheelers

We offer bikes and scooters with the most trusted brand in the business –Hero Moto Corp. These two wheelers are renowned for their peak …


Our subsidiaries have helped us speed up on the road to success.

About us

The Vishal Group was born in 1999 with a grand vision to accelerate the automotive business. Our business is led by the idea of becoming the change we wish to see. Today, the Vishal group has become one of the most trusted Automotive Dealers in India. Our multi-brand Dealership portfolio includes India’s leading cars, two wheelers, commercial vehicles and agriculture vehicles and equipment. We cover the entire gamut of price range which is just one of the many reasons for our wide-spread popularity amongst consumers. Our dealerships include luxury cars, mid-range vehicles from Tata Motors Commercial &Maruti Suzuki (MSZ)…

Turnover (in Million)

Automotive Dealership

We have aligned with some of the best and most trusted brands in the…

Worldwide Business

Expansion is in our nature and we are spreading our wings far.

Automotive Services

Our set of qualified technicians can combat all your Maruti Suzuki Vehicle…

25+ Best Dealer Awards

Our shelves are over populated with industry recognition of our stellar work.

Finance and Investment

We get you the best deals, help you solve financing issues and help…

Customer Satisfaction

The biggest reward for us is having satisfied customers and we direct all…

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Delivering Happiness to our Customers

With personal attention, an ear to the customers’ needs and the will to understand we make sure
we deliver the best deals and give our customers their dream ride.